Friday, December 17, 2010

Reflective Blog Entry

Grown/Changed: I have become more comfortable with my classmates and DLC feels like a different day than the other five periods. I feel like everybody in the DLC has a role and a reputation.
Proud: I am proud of my welcome video and my The World is Flat project. I got to work by myself on the welcome video and it was easy. It was a fun project because creativity tied into it more than any other. The World is Flat was easy because I had a good partner and an easy chapter.
Challenging: The Stephen Crane project was difficult because I didn't get along with my group too well and it was hard to express Crane's personality and style of writing.
Favorite: My favorite was The World is Flat of reasons previously stated.
Expectations for 2nd Quarter: I expect to create unique projects that inform my peers in a better way than anyone else. I expect to be on task.